Will Online Occupational Therapy Work For Me?

Will Online Occupational Therapy Work For Me?

One key question we’re often asked is “Will Online Occupational Therapy Work For Me?

“So, will it work for me, David?” To answer this we’ve created a short video and article to help explain more.

Who Can Benefit From Online Occupational Therapy

Whether you’re looking for services for yourself, a family member, you’re a case manager, or you’re acting for a GP practice or consultant, insurance company or aged care service provider, –  what ever your situation is, our team offers you highly skilled and motivated practitioners to achieve the outcomes relevant for you or your client.

We Offer Online Occupational Therapy service to people who

  • Experience neurodegenerative conditions
  • Need assessment and consultations services for their regional and diversely located workforce
  • Require thorough and compassionate cognitive consultations to support people living with dementia
  • Require an active therapy team to support their NDIS goals
  • Seek professional consultations and coaching to assist with reducing their personal risk for memory loss through personalised and group lifestyle programs
  • YES! Group programs online as well as self paced, therapist guided online health and wellbeing programs

What Are The Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy

  • PERSONALISED: Matched to you, based on your needs and is
  • GOAL FOCUSED: This keeps us on track and focused
  • REDUCE INFECTION RISK: Coronavirus is a resilient bug and keeping our distance is the best way to prevent the disease it brings COVID-19
  • YOU CHOOSE THE LOCATION: Outside, in the home, in the shed…wherever you are to acheive your goals
  • HIGH QUALITY SERVICE : We’ve been doing this for sometime

Why Online Therapy Works

  1. Technology Is Just The Vehicle for Service Delivery It’s Not the Relationship!
  2. More Than Just One Mode: We use lots of technology to best support you.
  3. Session Planned Beforehand: Means we’re focused on your results and goals
  4. Skilled and Passionate Professionals: Yes we are 🙂
  5. Solve Problems, Teach New Skills, Hit Your Goals, Empower Independence: That’s what this service medium offers us to provide to you.

Interested in Online Occupational Therapy?

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