Assistive Technology For Memory Loss

Assistive Technology For Memory Loss

Assistive Technology For Memory Loss

When loss of memory becomes a consistent and persistent issue in one’s life, it can become difficult to accomplish even what used to be the simplest of tasks. Fortunately, there are assistive technology (AT) devices available which can help compensate for diminished brain function that will improve the lives of those living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or a brain injury.

  1. Wearable timers

Assistive devices like timers allow those with memory issues to “set it and forget it”. You can create a timer for day-to-day activities like:

  • How long the stove should be kept on
  • How long the bath should be run
  • How long until you should leave for a medical appointment

Wearable timers come in a lot of different forms these days, from digital wrist and pocket watches to smartphones and kitchen clip timers. Those who can write can create a note on a whiteboard or a post-it note reminding them why the timer was set. Some devices allow you to make notes within the device’s program itself.

At Occupational Therapy Brisbane we’ll recommend regularly wearable assistive technology for memory loss to support clients to be

  1. Independent with their medication management
  2. To prompt meal or fluid intake
  3. To assist with contact carers or loved ones

We like features on these devices which also supports vibration alert as well. Sound simple, but these are quite effective and can be the difference between health, well being and independence. The growth in Apps has enabled the smart phone to be a tool for independence, function and safety.

  1. Smart pens

An experience of disability can impact on your ability to read and write. A smart pen can be a work around for people who may no longer be able to read and write.

You can create audio recordings which sync up with one or more markings made on specialised Dot Paper. You can go back to the Dot Paper, touch the images or words with the pen, and the pen will then play back what was said. This device is particularly useful for:

  • Writing down directions
  • Creating to-do lists
  • Creating shopping lists
  • Creating a “talking calendar”


  1. Photo dialling phone applications

There are a number of photo dialling apps available for iOS and Android smartphones. Through these apps, you can create a set of images featuring friends, loved ones and carers which, when touched, will directly dial that individual. This eliminates the need to remember phone numbers as well as navigating through potentially lengthy contact lists which can be confusing or overwhelming to those with memory impairments.

  1. Smart locks

Do you have an iOS or Android device? If so, you can obtain smart locks online which allows you via your mobile device,  a digital key to your house connected via either BlueTooth or WiFi. So, essentially you can control the access to your home from your phone. Here are some features and questions worth considering if you in the market for a smart lock:

  • What is the lock’s integration potential? What do you need it to connect with?
  • Where do you need it to be installed? Internal Vs External?
  • Does it have a supported app, is it robust?
  • Can you receive email notifications and alerts? This maybe helpful for loved ones  who require support and occasional monitoring.
  • Does it provide geofencing ? Geofencing is a defined boundary which relies on technology like GPS
  • Voice control, dial pads and guest access are also other helpful features

Create a safe environment with Occupational Therapy Brisbane

Occupational Therapy Brisbane works with clients and their families to create safe, functional spaces designed to compensate for memory impairments caused by dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease as well as stroke, and brain injury.

To learn more about how we can help you or a loved one enjoy a fulfilling and independent lifestyle, contact us online or call us at 1300 783 200 to arrange to speak with a senior occupational therapist in Brisbane.

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