About Us

Here’s your personalised occupational therapy and rehabilitation experience.

At Occupational Therapy Brisbane you can access a range of services, as well as fully-customised care, depending on the your needs and referral brief.

Whether you’re looking for services for yourself, a family member, you’re a case manager, or you’re acting for a GP practice or consultant, insurance company or aged care service provider, –  what ever your situation is, our team offers you highly skilled and motivated practitioners to achieve the outcomes relevant for you or your client.

Occupational Therapy Brisbane is an independent occupational therapy service specialising in providing you high quality therapists across Brisbane in the private, statutory and community sectors.

Occupational Therapy Brisbane Practice Principles

Our practice is based on relationships of trust with our clients and our strong reputation.

Ethics are at the heart of our vocation so we will always recommend alternatives to our own services if we believe they are better suited to your particular needs. In fact we’re so passionate about this we’ve established a place About Our Practice Principles which details our vision for our working relationship.

We provide therapy services directly to private clients and also business clients such as case mangers, solicitors, aged care services and local health authorities.

Our services include:

  • Neuro- Rehabilitation
  • Aged Care and Complex Therapy
  • Palliative Therapy Services
  • Initial Functional Needs and Rehabilitation Plans
  • Falls Risk Assessment & Prevention
  • Dementia Assessment & Skills For Living therapy program
  • Parkinson’s Disease Functional Program
  • Home Safety & Home Modification Assessments
  • Major and Minor Home Modifications
  • Memory Health Assessments and Rehabilitation
  • Neuro Connect a specialised Case Management services for people affected by acquired neurological conditions
  • Workplace consultations for people impacted by neurological conditions
  • Customised Assessment, Reporting, Rehabilitation and Management
  • Tele-Therapy, Rehabilitation and Peer Support
  • Assistive & Functional Equipment Needs Assessment, Prescription and Training
  • In Room and On Road Driver Assessment and Vehicle Modifications
  • Peer Education Events

The practice  has evolved from David’s commitment to rehabilitating lives by believing in the strength of people. It is a growing private practice of full-time occupational therapists servicing the Brisbane Metropolitan area.

If you haven’t watched the short video description about What Is Occupational Therapy– you can see it HERE…