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Here's How An Aged Care Occupational Therapist Can Help You

Occupational therapists work with you, your GP, and relevant care services so you can do what matters most in your life. Stay at home safely, live with better quality of life, improve your independence. 

Occupational therapy services helps you to acheive your goals at home or in a residential care setting.

There are many ways we can help.  Our health professionals can help you improve your ability to do activities of daily living, complete home modifications, determine right mobility aids support your rehabilitation and tackle memory and thinking problems for example. 

Are your receiving care support? Wherever home is for you we can be mobile to your care setting and work with you and your team.  

Occupational Therapy For An Ageing Population

No doubt as we’re living longer there a health event can impact your ability to do activities important to you. When health changes happen like heart disease, stroke, dementia it can affect your physical, emotional and cognitive (thinking and memory) abilities

As these skills weaken or are lost, it can stop you from doing those activities that are essential to you. 

That’s where occupational therapists can help. You see, maintaining independence, safety and confidence in the elderly is an important part of occupational therapy. Our goal is to help you live independently and safely.

Do You Need An Aged Care occupational Therapist?

Your occupational therapist will help you acheive an accessible and safer home so you can live comfortably and with dignity.  Home modifications can be big or small. An easy starting point is a home safety assessment to see what are the options and solutions that can help you.

Clinically prescribed equipment can help you do daily activities from walking, dressing and bathing to overcoming anxiety or improve attention and focus. There’s no doubt a lot of aids out there, occupational therapy can help narrow the field so you get the best one for your situation.

OT can assist seniors to regain skills and abilities lost due to illness or injury. Our special interest is working with adults living with a neurological condition like stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s disease for exampleOTs are trained to offer community based rehab services which involves assessment, planning and implementing interventions to improve your function and wellbeing. 

Memory problems can affect anyone, though no doubt as we get older memory loss is more prevalent. It can occur commonly in people after trauma, surgery or stroke as well as those living with a neurological condition like dementia, Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

Occupational Therapy professionals can provide tailored memory health programs for people who struggle with memory issues as well as their care support team.

AVailable AGed Care Occupational Therapy Service Packages

An OT assessment helps us identify the best way to proceed for you.

Working together, your occupational therapist combines their expertise with your knowledge and personal experience to focus on the right areas for you. This helps produce clear and realistic goals and recommendations.  You’ll appreciate everyone is unique so this demands a personalised and thorough approach.

Outcome: You,  your GP and or your health partners will receive a comprehensive report and you’ll receive a copy of the recommendations.

OT Aged Care Assessment Brisbane
OT Aged Care Treatment Brisbane

Following an OT assessment  recommendations may take the form of rehabilitation or a block of treatment with set goals, home modifications or equipment prescription, pain management or memory programs. We’ll only recommend treatment for as long as we feel clinically necessary and our aim is to make you independent of us rather than dependent upon us.

Outcome: You’ll receive services which support you or your client until the goals are achieved or significant adjustments are required.

This is an end to end experience of Assessment, Recommendation and Treatment.
Some people decide that they’re comfortable to implement some of the recommendations by themselves others require a more hands on approach.

That’s why we offer you a comprehensive management service which combines all aspects of therapy. Works with your care services provider. 

Outcome: A tailored clinical service combined with a end to end hassle free experience.

OT Aged Care Brisbane

Aged Care OT Referrals Brisbane

It’s no doubt clear an OT is likely to be a valuable team member to help you acheive your goals. Saying that, if you or a loved one is struggling in their day to day life, it can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out what service is the most suitable.

That’s why our experienced team is ready to speak with you and to see if we’re the best fit for you and offer practical ways we maybe able to help. If this sounds like your situation please call 1300 783 200 or fill out the form below.

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