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You’re In The Right Place To Get Useful Information About Living To Your Best Be It At Residential Care or Your Own Home

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Supporting Greater Brisbane In Home OT and Residential Aged Care Occupational Therapy Services

As a part of your health team, we work with you, your GP, and relevant service providers so you’re provided with comprehensive assessment and treatment services to best meet your needs  and desired goals be it at home or in a residential care.

Service Packages

Assessment helps us identify the best way to proceed for you.

Working together, we combine our expertise with your knowledge and personal experience to focus on the right areas for you. This helps us produce clear and realistic goals and recommendations.  You’ll appreciate everyone is unique so this demands a personalised and thorough approach.

Outcome: You,  your GP and or your health partners will receive a comprehensive report and you’ll receive a copy of the recommendations.

OT Aged Care Assessment Brisbane
OT Aged Care Treatment Brisbane

Following an assessment  recommendations may take the form of rehabilitation or a block of treatment with set goals, home modifications or equipment prescription. We’ll only recommend treatment for as long as we feel clinically necessary and our aim is to make you independent of us rather than dependent upon us.

Outcome: You’ll receive services which support you or your client until the goals are achieved or significant adjustments are required.

This is an end to end experience of Assessment, Recommendation and Treatment.
Some people decide that they’re comfortable to implement some of the recommendations by themselves others require a more hands on approach.

That’s why we offer you a comprehensive management service which combines all aspects of therapy.

Outcome: A tailored clinical service combined with a end to end hassle free experience.

OT Aged Care Brisbane

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