Memory Health
Clinic Brisbane

Memory Health Clinic Brisbane
Helps Adults To Take Control Of Their Memory Health

Memory Health Clinic Brisbane

The Memory Health Clinic provides assessment and treatment recommendations for people experiencing neuro-degenerative conditions,  acquired brain injury and mild cognitive changes. 

Services are also available for people looking to take preventative actions to reduce their personal risks for memory loss.

At the Memory Health Clinic we provide:

Helping People To Manage Their Memory Health

Sure we forget the keys now and then, but if you’ve noticed your memory health has changed and you’d like to do something about it – read on.

The numbers tell the story, in Australia: 

There is no cure for dementia so personalised risk management and prevention is where it is at. The good news is personalised brain and memory health actions can reduce the lifetime risk of dementia in 1 in 3 people. (2)

This is covered in further detail in our Free Report.  You can download the report here: 

FREE Report:  The 5 Science Backed Actions To Reduce Your Risk For Dementia.

The 5 Science Backed Actions To Reduce Your Risk For Dementia

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On A Mission To Improve Adult Australians’ Memory Health

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Memory changes are a life threatening event

No doubt, you’ve regularly had a heart and blood pressure check ups, skin check ups, a bowel checks, a breast check ups, yep you name it, but, when was the last time you had a memory health check up?

Taking control of your memory health all starts with a Memory Health Check Up.

The Memory Health Check Up is for people, may be like you, who are concerned about their memory health.

Do you need a memory health check up?

Take this test?

What You Can Expect

At the memory health clinic we tailor assessment, treatment and prevention programs to help you achieve your goals as well as reduce your risks for cognitive decline.
We encourage people to come with GP summary of their medical history and any other relevant documentation. The initial consultation will inform the next session which includes

The Memory Health Clinic operates on a Tuesday, conveniently located at The Johnson, Spring Hill and we also provided Tele-consultations as well

How Can We Help You?

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