OT Driving Assessment

Get Clear On Assessing Older Patients with Cognitive Decline and Their Ability to Drive

At Occupational Therapy Brisbane we offer two driving assessment and screening services. You’ve no doubt had concerns about some of your older patients’ ability to drive.  Front of mind for many GPs, Specialists and allied health providers are patients diagnosed with Dementia , MCI or other neurological conditions. To that end we offer two distinct driving assessment services.

  1. In consultation room assessment. This is offered to predict driving ability for older and/or cognitively impaired patients. It combines a cognitive assessment and a driving simulation assessment. The result of this assessment may indicate an on road assessment.
  2. On road assessment. For patients who experience both physical and cognitive changes and an on road assessment is indicated.

An In Room (Off Road) Desktop Driver Safety and Driver Judgment Assessment

To date no objective measure has been comparable to a physical on road driving assessment. However, an on road assessment is expensive or if your patient chooses a public service, they can wait over 6months for an assessment.

Now, there is a cost effective solution, Drive Safe and Drive Aware Assessment  considers the drive safety and judgement.  The outcome of the assessment is a report which identifies the likelihood of a person passing or failing an on road driving assessment.

In the past health professionals have been asked to make recommendations regarding fitness to drive without valid assessment tools to guide them. As a result for many GPs the assessment and delivery of a decision to a patient is difficult and frustrating.

DriveSafe DriveAware (DSDA) is designed to bridge this gap.

Who is this assessment for?

DSDA is an objective, evidence-based measure of cognitive fitness to drive that accurately predicts driving ability for older and/or cognitively impaired patients. The tool helps the therapist to assess driver awareness and intersection rule compliance. It’s quicker, cheaper and importantly predicts whether your patient will pass or fail an on road driving assessment.

Following you patient’s assessment you’re provided with a detailed report which is backed by objective assessment of performance. It means reliable and predictable information.

Occupational Therapy Brisbane, Brisbane’s leading neurological OT service, is now offering Drive Safe Drive Aware assessments to your patients with cognitive decline.

To refer your patient we require the following information:  Current drivers license details, a medical summary and Department of Transport information QLD Transport Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (F3712). You can download theF3712 here. Please fax your referral to 1300 400 395

On Road Driving Assessment

A 4 hour assessment is made up of an off-road assessment in the patient’s home. This is followed by an on-road assessment. Both components of the assessment are conducted by a Certified Driver Occupational Therapist. The on road assessment also includes a Certified Driving Instructor. An appropriate vehicle with dual driver controls is provided for safety purposes on the day of the assessment.

The Driving Instructor

  • provides a summary at the time of the assessment about your patient’s performance measured against Australian Licensing Authority Standards.

The Occupational Therapist

  • Determines the functional impact of your patients medical condition(s) on their capacity to drive safely.

The outcome of the on road driving assessment

Following the assessment your patient will receive feedback regarding their performance. When indicated 

  • Driver Rehabilitation Program may be implemented
  • The Occupational therapist will complete suitable reporting to meet QLD Transport requirements and as the referrer you’ll receive a driving assessment report.

To make a referral for On Road Driving Assessment please complete the following:

  1. The OT Driving Assessment Referral. You can download it here
  2. A medical summary and
  3. Department of Transport information QLD Transport Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (F3712). You can download theF3712 here.

Please fax your referral to 1300 400 395. Please contact us should you have any questions.