David Norris

David Norris_ Occupational Therapist

David Norris Occupational Therapist (OT)

Most people who come to Occupational Therapy Brisbane learn of David Norris as a father of 2 children, an avid ocean race swimmer, passionate health provider, Brazilian-o-phile and keen local business person.

He’s a Queensland bred and trained Occupational Therapist. In his 15 year plus career and has provided Occupational Therapy within Public and Private Hospital, Community, Rehabilitation and Aged Care sector for clients over the age of 45.

An occupational therapist and consultant with a wealth of experience in occupational ageing, elderhood and acquired neurological conditions and complex therapy needs.  His focus is to work with people to optimise strengths for maximum performance.

David’s treated people with a wide range of conditions, with not only neurological and neurosurgical but also  orthopaedic/musculoskeletal, oncological and complex general medical and congenital conditions.

His primary interests are in Memory Health, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Dementia and Ageing and how to maximise independence through rehabilitation, equipment technology, lifestyle modification and excitingly robotics! He’s super excited about the state of emerging therapy opportunities and regularly collaborates with a diverse network of national and international professionals.

Across Brisbane, clinically he is sought out for his practical, tangible and effective assessment to intervention skills.

When not working directly with people, David’s presently is the Chair of the Workplace Skills and Productivity Committee of the Chambers of Commerce Industry Queensland and Advisor to the QLD Government’s Jobs QLD Board and Legislative implementation and member of  OT Australia.

David’s Current Representation

  • Current Chair of CCIQ’s Workplace Skills and Productivity Committee
  • Board Member for Jobs QLD
  • Member of Occupational Therapy Australia

David Norris Publications & Presentations

  • MindCize: Actions for Better Brain and Memory Health
  • 5 Science Based Actions To Reduce Your Risk For Dementia: Download here.
  • 13 Breakthrough Principles for Parkinson’s Disease: Download here.
  • Move Free: How To Move & Live Better With Parkinson’s
  • A Carers Guide To The Management Of Arm Hypertonicity
  • Dynamic Systems Theory and Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Design Of the Built Environment For People With Cognitive Impairment: Guest Contributor
  • Managing and Thriving At Home with Dementia: A guide for Care Givers
  • Home Health and Safety Guide: Download here.
  • Alchemy: How To Turn Grey To Gold  In The Workplace
  • Are We Ok To Go?: Pre-Mobility Risk Screens For Carers
  • Future of Work: a national Baby Boomer’s retirement intentions investigation.
  • And, a regular Neuro Blog contributor where he writes on healthy ageing, memory health, neuro-rehab and geri-technology.

David has been invited to lecture at continuing education seminars at

  • Universities
  • Local government and community services
  • Peak Body and Industry forums and conferences
  • International conferences
  • and is former guest advisor to the Federal Treasurer’s Mature Age Workforce Participation Consultative Committee

More About Brisbane, Occupational Therapist David Norris

David started his practice in 2012, focusing on  neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, aged care and community base OT. He recognises the need for a  mobile neuro OT service providing rehabilitation for adults with complex therapy and memory health needs in Brisbane.

He has been featured in or quoted by Courier Mail, ABC local radio, Human Capital Magazine, and Ageing Australia Agenda and WIN television.