Useful information to improve Your  Skills To Manage At Home With Dementia

A practical therapy home program designed to optimise self sufficiency, reduce carer stress and enhance quality of life.

The Impact  On Your Day To Day Life
No doubt you appreciate that experiencing dementia dramatically impacts the lives of the person and their care givers. Its also clear it’s a significant cost emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. A growing trend in developed countries worldwide.

People are likely to experience losses and changes in

  • the ability to perform daily tasks and to live independently,
  • motivation, drive, behaviour, thinking and perception
  • the ability to participate in leisure and social activities,

Many people also experience a decrease in the quality of life placing strain on their immediate family and friends.

Care givers will often mention experiences of feeling helpless, being socially isolated and losing control of having an independent and unrestricted life.

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After The Diagnosis Of Dementia
Commonly there is a strong focus on behaviour and symptoms rather than the immediate and short term needs of the person and their carers.  At this time, as you’d appreciate,  people will often form an opinion that nothing can be done.

To date there is no cure for dementia.  However, there is strong evidence for occupational therapy to support that the quality of life and self sufficiency of people with dementia which can be improved as well as carer sense of freedom and control.

Ref: Reference: 1. BMJ. 2006 December 9; 333(7580): 1196

Case Story
Frank, a retired bank clerk, lived with his wife of over 40years.  A recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Dementia, confirmed what many in the family had noted as  “Dad is not ..right”.

Though for Frank’s wife, there was some relief to the diagnosis.  However, as she mentioned to her daughter, a diagnosis doesn’t help me at 5.30pm nor when I want to get him to sleep at night.

You see, Frank was not sleeping well and his wife had found him on two occasions with his leg half over the side verandah gate, trying to go to work at the early hours of the morning.

The Skills At Home Program

Optimised Frank’s self sufficiency in day to day tasks.  This involved

  • Modifying bathing, toilet,  light meal preparation and medication management tasks.
  • Established a daily routine to affect Frank’s night time restlessness.
  • Instructed Frank’s wife in supervision strategies and technology use which she could apply during outings and complex home tasks.
  • Developed a plan for meaningful respite which would invigorate both Frank and his wife.

How Can We Help You?
Caring for a family member with dementia can be difficult. A registered occupational therapist will visit you at home, assess, plan and teach you how to:

  • Manage challenging behaviours, such as wandering or refusing help
  • Improve home safety and personal care management
  • Train people in the use of aids to compensate for cognitive decline and caregivers in coping behaviours and supervision.
  • Connect with compatible services and apply assistive technology

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