Community Based Occupational Therapy

Here’s Information About Living Better, Rehabilitating To Your Best And Safe Guarding Your Independence At Home


Community Based Occupational Therapy Services

Or Home Based Occupational Therapy are services which visits you in the comfort of your home. It has some advantages:

OTs for short, help people remember what it is to function optimally and do what they once thought impossible. To recapture a better quality of life. They do it with inspiration, compassion, encouragement and skill.

Whilst the below list of community based occupational therapy services is not an exhaustive one it provides an overview of where we regularly help people achieve.

Maximise Your Ability To Do Activities of Daily Living

We do this be it from a direct and intensive course of rehabilitation or a strategy to improve long standing and changing complex care needs, a re-ablement therapy.  Whatever the approach, we’ll work with you to achieve the goals meaningful to you.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are those areas of personal care, walking and dressing for example.


Make Your Home Fit Your Needs Better

Sometimes the home is as much a barrier to doing the things that are necessary and important. What we do, in a Home Assessment, with you is in most case prioritise low cost and effective solutions to make it easier at home. That said, we’re also able to help you with large scale remodeling changes of the home. We provide you, your builder, architect and relevant others with information to get the home right for your needs today as well as tomorrow.

Equipment and Garment Prescription

We work with you to get the right equipment or garment to help restore confidence in your functional abilities, reduce pain and enhance life satisfaction.

Care and Health Technology At Home

Sometimes, managing tasks about the home can be difficult. This may be a result of a change in your physical or cognitive and or mental abilities. In many cases, maybe like yours, technology can have a real role to play in helping you live safely, more in control and independently at home.

More Specific Community Based Occupational Therapy Services You Can Expect In Your Home

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