About Our Practice

Occupational Therapy Brisbane Exists To Help People Affected By Neurological and Complex Health Conditions Live A Better and More Independent Life

We’d like to share a little more information about us especially our practice principles which we feel is important for you to know.

Our Practice Principles

Our practice is based on relationships of trust with our clients and our strong reputation. We’ve established a set of Core Values focused on how we operate both with you and internally with each other. They are:
OT Brisbane Practice Principles

Respect people by helping them to reach their most optimal quality of life and well-being by providing the highest quality occupational therapy using proven methods and standards. Respect is earned, and it comes from both side. We’ll give you our best as you give us yours but we know this can be hard to find sometimes. We see people at some of their lowest points in their lives. Whether it’s after a stroke, new diagnosis or crisis of care, we appreciate that people have lost something of themselves and their life. We’re committed to a personalised relationship based on shared understanding.

Ethics are at the heart of our vocation so we will always recommend alternatives to our own services if we believe they’re better suited to your particular needs. We’ll also not shy away from the tough conversation, we’re upfront and will tell you how we see it.

Brisbane Therapy Approach
Therapy and Happiness

We strive at all times to bring more happiness to the lives of the people that we come in contact with through the services we provide to them and the manner in which we treat them.

Ontime services, consistent team based communications, detailed and concise information that you can rely on. David appreciates the frustrations, you, your doctors your teams are likely to feel when there is great complexity surrounding a persons injury/ illness experience.

Therapy technology and communication
Life Long Learning To Help Live Better

We see this as both for you and us. We’ve committed ourselves to a life long learning journey where we’ll never stop questioning what can we do to improve a person’s results. The fruits of our efforts mean that we can offer free education on this website. Whether you work with us or not, we believe that everybody deserves access to quality information about their rehab and therapy options without having to pay for it.

 We believe that for many the health industry has lost its way.  We don’t work in hospitals we work with you in your home or community and work on things that are important for you, not a system. We like and, we believe, we’re good at what we do. Understanding your goals, seeing the barriers to this and coming up with personalised plan to deal with is the basis of what we do.

Solving Neurological Life Problems

We appreciate we’re not the occupational therapy practice for everyone

But that doesn’t mean we can’t assist people in some way. We’re always happy to send out our free materials to consumers and if we don’t handle the area of practice which you need, we’ve many colleagues which we maybe able to refer to you or directories to get you started. If you’re dealing with a neurological condition or aged and complex care need, we are ready to provide answers to your question.
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