Looking For An Neurological Focused Occupational Therapy Service at Home, Online or In A Clinic?

If so, we can see you either in your home or at work, in the clinic or online.

Our Belief About You

We believe people are strong. That people deserve the best life possible regardless of past and current medical conditions or their age.

So, this neurological occupational therapy practice was formed to work with the body, encourage the spirit, and respect the person. With a unique and specialised focus on adults with neurological and complex therapy needs.

Service to Help People Living With Neurological Conditions

Great therapists working in a great system can achieve great things.

When David founded Brisbane’s neurological focused occupational therapy practice he didn’t follow the old model of same business as usual.

Instead he did what seemed right. Right for the company, right for staff and our health care partners and most of all Right for You.

Our Therapy Approach

Our approach is different. We form a bond with you which respects your medical, personal, social, cultural, physical, and functional experiences and histories.

We help people, maybe like you, find their strength, hope in order to achieve goals.

Moving forward, we work in a partnership to assist in retaining the strength and optimising the environment a persons will need to maintain their present and future healthy lives.

Who Will Typically Rely On Us

People and their careers who require support, knowledge and compassion to achieve the most out of life.
Expecting a no fuss professional relationship.
Value for Money approach for are complex return work situation or those “stuck” cases.
Needing insight and knowledge on how to manage workplaces better for older workers.
Demanding quality and efficiency within current best practice. They are relying on partners who can affect their client’s function and wellness trajectory and seek a broad and proactive approach in their therapists.
Needing a clinical partnership they can rely on and who want a solid professional relationship.
Relying on good communication and for services to be there on time.

What People Say About Us- Remarkable Remarks

We’re humbled by the praiseworthy comments we receive from the people we have had the pleasure to work with.

Even though testimonials are an expression of opinions the regulator (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (APHRA)) states for occupational therapists or for that matter regulated health occupations, it is illegal to post real testimonials from real people which express opinions using words like

“Best Occupational Therapist”, “Best QLD Occupational Therapist”, “Outstanding Occupational Therapy Results”

So, when you write your opinion about our services, we are able to receive this privately however we’re unable to acknowledge, support or publish this publicly.

You can leave a review HERE.


Neuro Warrior: “Neuro” relating to nerves or the nervous system., “Warrior” a brave or experienced soldier or fighter, a protector of their community.

What Is A Neuro Warrior:
Offering Inspiration To Others

Every Neuro Warrior has started where you likely are.
At a beginning, with hope for a better future.
You can read more about people who have accepted the Neuro Warrior Award here.

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