Multiple Sclerosis

Here’s Information About a Practical Approach to MS Rehabilitation

No doubt, you’re well aware that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, life long,  frequently progressive disease of the central nervous system which can affect a person significantly in their ability to walk, see, think and perhaps care for themselves.

Your occupational therapist (OT)  who focuses on neuro – rehabilitation can help you tackle these changes in a positive manner and support your journey with MS.

Our OTs will work with you and your family to implement practical solutions to your real problems and frustrations which you’re experiencing in everyday life with MS.

Reasons Why You Might Choose Us

If you’re like most of our clients you’re likely

  • Concerned about your ability to continue to do the activities which are important to you
  • Experiencing difficulty doing very day tasks efficiently or safely,
  • Frustrated by how your home environment restricts your abilities to live independently
  • Wanting to expand your possibilities of what you’re doing today. Perhaps you’ve a goal to try something for the first time and need help to figure it out. and want to improve in starting to do again or for the first time

Whatever your situation what we do is provide:

  • A mobile and accountable Neurological OT Rehab Clinician. We work with other clinicians physios, speech pathologists, your GP as a part of the team
  • We’ve an expanding home visiting neuro rehabilitation service covering Brisbane and its surrounds
  • A clinical team which is dedicated to bettering their Neurological Rehabilitation chops- always.
  • Solutions which may cover practical tips to leading edge technology involving rehab equipment and or home independence aids

Neurological Conditions

That’s our area of interest. It’s our thing and we always focus on helping you achieve your goals. We know this can be hard as some people get frustrated with the “goal” language.

Making a start is what we suggest and then we build from there. We do this by providing you with the a clinician, equipment and the intensity.

Rehab does require effort on both sides- we’ll not beat around this point.

Our rehabilitation program includes occupational therapy as well as other care and clinical teams as needed.

We offer OT neuro services such as:

  • Upper extremity rehabilitation
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Rehab technology and functional tech
  • Home modifications- major and minor
  • Cognitive driving assessment
  • Cognitive and perception therapy

Please call us today 1300 783 200 or contact us via our web forms on this page to see if we can help you.