Neurological Occupational Therapy

Neurological Occupational Therapy be it to support rehabilitation or lifestyle goals is a therapist-supervised program designed for people who experience a disease, trauma, or disorder of the nervous system.

At Occupational Therapy Brisbane we’re focused on improving your function, reduce symptoms, and improve the well-being and the quality of your life.

Common Neurological Conditions We Work With

Neurological Occupational Therapy Client Story

To help explain more of what Neurological Occupational Therapy is about we’d like to share this client story.

Mr C was a busy, social retiree, and it came as a great surprise when he suffered a significant stroke just before his 71st birthday. The stroke affected the movement of the left-hand side of his body, his verbal communication, and also his memory. After a prolonged hospital stay and rehabilitation he returned to home. Mr C’s wife asked for an initial consultation to see if we could assist with further rehabilitation in the home.

How did neurological occupational therapy help?

As with all our clients, it was of the highest importance that we understood the specific situation and needs of our new client. After our comprehensive assessment, we gained a clear understanding of Mr C’s situation, and we established that within the first month he wanted to:

  • Maximise the function of his left upper limb,
  • Improve his personal care abilities, and
  • Get back into fun life activities.

Achieving these goals was not only important for Mr C’s rehabilitation, they also allowed his wife to get back to work.

You’d appreciate that rehabilitation often has impacts on family, as well as directly on you.

We initially saw Mr C over two and half months on a weekly basis. Once we achieved completion of a steady yet challenging program, we were able to review and change his rehabilitation programs every 3 weeks.

Occasionally, we would do a phone consultation with Mr C to help him stick to new programs at home.

We’ve seen Mr C over a 2 year period and it still amazes us to see the power of a person’s restorative potential. When personal commitment is matched with the right therapist, as it was in this case, the client has achieved goals which were important for him and his family.

Though full pre-stroke functional abilities were not regained, Mr C has achieved a better functional life where he is able to live with dignity, satisfaction and joy.

How Occupational Therapy Brisbane May Help You?

Mr C’s example shows how we work. We start by having a 15min free phone consultation with a senior  therapist. If we believe we can help we’ll schedule an initial consultation to help assess and then plan a suitable action plan to help you meet your goals.

If you or your loved one have suffered a neurological trauma or are experience and neurological condition, you can expect  our OTs to provide personalised care, experienced advice, and ongoing support.

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