Parkinson’s Disease and Occupational Therapy

 Parkinson’s Disease and Occupational Therapy: Helping People To Live Better With Their PD Symptoms

If you’re living with Parkinson’s Disease an Occupational Therapist may be able to help you achieve your goals so you can perform better to live better.

Whether you’re frustrated by your ability to perform everyday tasks, had a fall or perhaps you’ve experienced a decline in confidence to manage at home?

What ever your situation, these are all very real and all too common experiences many people affected by PD, maybe much like you, have on a regular basis.

We would like to help.

No intervention can reverse or cure Parkinson’s disease. This has been real frustration for many people, maybe much like you as well as David Norris our Senior OT who is passionate about Parkinson’s Disease and Occupational Therapy.


  • What has been super encouraging over the last few years is the emerging evidence that people may potentially slow the disease progression through lifestyle interventions such as exercise.  What’s at the heart of these programs?  Well, they tend to combine intensity, repetition and complexity and this appears to work at the brain’s cellular level. What this means is it provides for many people – potential. The potential to achieve some sense of control, to take evidence backed actions which may improve  your quality of life.

Parkinson’s Disease Therapy: Is Movement Medicine And Are You Taking The Right Dose?

With today’s growing evidence this is now a solid truth:  Functional and intensive exercise can promote and help sustain independence, cardiovascular fitness and reduce the risk of falls in people affected by movement disorders, especially Parkinson’s Disease.

But, despite this we still see programs out there not being lifted to their true potential.

So, What Is Right For You?

Whether you’re having difficulty with walking, turning, freezing or just can’t move quick enough in and out of bed,  a chair or the car, perhaps getting dressed is your big bug bear for you- especially those buttons!.

What ever your situation, we’ve seen too many people opt out of living the life they want because of these mounting challenges, and we would like to help.

Parkinson’s Disease OT: Your Home Functional Programs

  • LSVT BIG: It targets amplitude of the movement with an observed saturation, carry over effect, to other domains of speed and dexterity, cognition and sensorimotor integration and gait size and speed.  It’s offered as an intense 4 week, goal directed program it adheres to the principles of neuro-plasticity.
  • Whilst everyone can benefit, the people who best respond to LSVT BIG are those people with mild to  moderate symptoms and aged 56 to 86 years of age. We say, start as soon as possible- don’t wait for increasing symptoms

“The whole point of this program is to make a person’s life better. One of the first questions I ask people when I see them is what do you enjoy and what do you want to still be able to do?  This is not a gym based program. Instead its personally relevant and focuses on every day tasks.”

  • PD Bootcamp: For some people, there is more energy in working with others, have a sense of competition and camaraderie.  Offered on quarterly basis this program combines the benefits of intensity, repetition and complexity with the shared and lived experiences of others. We mix this up and still tailor it to your specific goals. Groups are capped at a maximum of 5 people and programs are for 2 weeks.
  • Parkinson’s Disease Pathfinder: It’s a comprehensive program to map out the key areas of action in your life, it takes you from lack of control to the driver’s seat position with your PD.  You can read more about the program here.
  • Plus all the OT standard services are available to assist with home modifications or equipment needs.

When Should You Contact Us For Parkinson’s Disease OT Consultation?

Many people are often referred to us with advanced PD and are affected by its associated symptoms. Whilst we can help you, we also accept people in the early stages of their PD experience.

So, if you

  • Experience difficulties with every day tasks,
  • Have concerns about your mobility,
  • Have experienced a fall or almost fell recently or perhaps
  • Started to experience some difficulties at home
  • Reduced confidence with daily task or getting out in the community

 We would like to help you reclaim your independence

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