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Here’s How You Can Access Telehealth Occupational Therapy With Senior Registered Occupational Therapists

Why Online OT Services

Why You Might Choose Online OT Services?

Telehealth occupational therapy is a convenient way for people living with a neurological conditions access neuro-therapy.

An Online OT Can Help if you’re recovering from a stroke or head injury or after a diagnosis of dementia, Parkinson’s disease or MS. Telehealth helps you get an occupational therapist quickly and offers you accurate assessment, treatment advice, support and specialist care.

People may not be able to attend our Brisbane Occupational Therapy Sessions because of a number of reasons such as: 

The Five Benefits Of Telehealth Online Occupational Therapy Sessions

Who Is Likely To Use Online Occupational Therapy Services?

Telehealth can be convenient if you:

Are living in regional, rural and international areas and struggle to get reliable OT services

Reside in an aged care facility

Have difficulties access transport

Are interested to have collaborative team meetings involving your relevant health professionals.

It’s clear there is often a large time gap between the onset of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of someone living with dementia and other neurological conditions. In some cases the treatment occurs far too late.

We’d like to close this gap and we believe online occupational therapist can help. Whether it’s one on one programs or supportive education via our occupational therapy courses there is something here that may just help you achieve your therapy goals 

What Occupational Therapy Services Might You Confidently Use online?

What Is Telehealth Occupational Therapy?

If you were to look for “Online Therapy” 10 years you would have had to really on a lot of equipment and inconsistent internet services. But a lot has changed since then. Telehealth OT today uses the great advancements of technology to allow therapy at home. 

It can include:

What Is Telehealth OT

If You Haven’t Used Telehealth Before You Might Be Apprehensive And That’s OK.

We’re commonly asked these frequent questions about online therapy services:
All online video, audio and screen sharing is end to end encrypted.
Your privacy and confidentiality of all the information you share including the OT consultation itself, is protected at all times. Before your therapy starts we’ll seek you consent before starting, often referred to as informed consent where you’re aware of the tools, process and risks using telehealth therapy programs.

Here’s Five Things To Help Make Telehealth Occupational Therapy Work For You

Your Occupational Therapist will be committed to make sure you get the most out of your session and to keep a focus on your therapy goals. We do suggest a few things to help make the experience work better for you and your therapist.

Prior to COVID we offered online therapy support to adult living with neurological conditions across Australia. Since COVID we’ve seen a greater request from people to use this service. We’ve had people from rural and regional Australia to as far as China and India to seek out our teletherapy services.

Is TeleHealth Occupational Therapy Subsidised?

Is Telehealth OT Subsidised

With the event of COVID there’s an increase in private health insurance support as well as other programs and schemes such as Medicare, NDIS and DVA to support telehealth occupational therapy.

NDIS, Medicare, DVA and most Private Health Insurers are supporting online occupational therapy with the common therapy goal of ;

That’s a good commitment to support quality care.

There are some providers however only offering a temporary period for telehealth such as DVA ( watch this space).

Occupational Therapy Australia maintains an up to date page of information related to Telehealth Occupational Therapy Billing which reports on the current status of subsidies for online quality Occupational Therapy services. 

With online Occupational Therapy we can help you overcome your everyday challenges so you can acheive your goals.

How To Get Started With A Telehealth OT Session?

You don’t need a GP referral to access the online therapy programs, but we recommend you have your doctor complete one. The reason why we ask is

Two Ways To Contact Occupational Therapy Brisbane For Telehealth Consultations

  • Register Your Details Below: Attach any reports including medical summary or NDIS plan details for example and submit your referral and our practice manager will be in touch using your best contact details
  • Or Call 1300 783 200

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