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Cognitive Rehab Brisbane

No doubt any health event that affects your brain can have a profound impact on your life and working with clinicians experienced in cognitive rehabilitation makes sense.

You see, brain changes can cause a decline in memory and thinking, attention, language, perception, movement and mood. It’s clearly a complex situation and can be an overwhelming experience for the many people involved and we’d like to help.

What To Know About Cognitive Rehab
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    An injury or disease condition that affects your brain can ultimately impact your daily life.  Changes can be subtle to severe where doing even the most straightforward daily tasks are frustrating, inconsistent and sometimes unsafe. 

    It’s overcoming these issues that cognitive rehabilitation occupational therapy can be the team member you’ve been looking for.

    Whether you’ve experienced

    • Mild Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion
    • Stroke or CVA
    • Brain Tumour 
    • COVID

    or been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative conditions like

    • Dementia
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis

    We’d like to share with you how evidence based cognitive rehabilitation occupational therapy may be of help.

    Occupational Therapists And Cognitive Therapy - What To Expect

    You can expect a clinical service which translates neuroscience, evidence based therapy and cognitive rehabilitation into practical applications for people living with neurological conditions.

    The ultimate mission is to prevent avoidable memory loss and we work with our client with this in mind.

    We help maximise a person’s ability to do what matters in their life. This happens by treating the whole person and addresses

    • physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges as well as the threats in their daily life and environment.

    So in short, we work on the person, the tasks that are important to them and the environment which may include home, work and the people they are connected with.

    People receive services, education and support to achieve their goals, reduce their risk for cognitive decline and live as independently as possible.

    Founded in 2012 the clinical practice has grown to become a highly regarded Occupational Therapy service in the Brisbane metro areas and recent expansion with telehealth into regional areas.

    What's Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy?

    Cognitive Rehabilitation, or cognitive rehab for short, is a form of treatment designed to help you recover lost thinking and memory skills or improve existing ones.

    Working with a cognitive rehabilitation OT can include any intervention aimed at

    • improving cognition, including activities that promote learning and memory, attention, problem solving, reasoning, decision making, language skills, social interaction, etc.

    It’s clear these skills underpin daily life from simple tasks to more complex activities like driving for example. Your cognitive rehabilitation therapy will focus on the skills needed to do these tasks. 

    Cognitive Therapy and Treatment

    Treatment is client-led and based on the needs and goals of each person, which is often driven by a thorough and objective assessment of thinking, memory and function as well as what a person needs and wants to do in their daily life. 

    In short, build a sound understanding of your situation so that we can help you achieve your goals and quality of life.

    We offer detailed neuro- occupational therapy assessment as well as cognitive and wellness screenings to many of our clients to help clarify their treatment needs.

    Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs
    and Services In Brisbane

    Our wide range of services include functional cognitive assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, occupational therapy and cognitive wellness coaching to improve brain performance, lower the risk for dementia and overcome neurological condition threats.

    The practice focuses on using evidence-based interventions, and our strategies come from our extensive toolbox that includes coaching, lifestyle medicine, occupational therapy, cognitive rehabilitation and neurotherapy.

    Many times we combine our supportive and rehabilitative services with in-person or computerised brain exercises. Whatever your rehabilitation goals, our program is goal oriented (what’s important to you).

    Therapy can be accessed Online, In Clinic to help maximise cognitive functions. 

    We’ve helped people from Brisbane to regional Queensland and even as far as China! So, distance is no longer a barrier to your cognitive rehab goals.

    5 Cognitive Rehabilitation Services

    We offer the following to help get there.

    Helps identify your strengths, challenges, threats and opportunities related to your cognitive functions. This is the starting point for all our rehabilitation programs

    We offer stand alone functional cognitive assessments, for example, the Cognitive Fitness To Drive Assessment. Serves General Practitioners with a specialty assessment to help get clear on a person’s driving related cognitive skill strengths and challenges.

    Part of our Memory Health Hub, we’re committed to achieving Memory Health For Life.  You receive a detailed cognitive and lifestyle assessment to help identify your brain health threats.  This is supported by a 12 month coaching program so you can achieve your goals. 

    Restorative Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy sessions focus on improving brain functions through retraining and relearning lost abilities. This will involve multiple factors and is an intensive cognitive rehabilitation exercise process early then less so after you’re implementing your cognitive recovery plan.

    Includes Computer Assisted Learning 

    Computer assisted learning is not a single type of Cognitive Therapy. It’s a broad term that covers several different kinds of training programs. Computer assisted learning may include things like memory games, attention games and other activities.

    Compensatory Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy focuses more on improving your functional life skills and  abilities rather than restoring lost abilities. Consider this like “work around strategies” to help you do your everyday activities or establish new behaviours and daily routines

    This can include learning new skills, using new assistive technology tools or developing the skills needed in your support team. This area of cognitive rehabilitation commonly involves working with you, your family and core support.

    Depending on your situation, your goals will help narrow down the options of what may be the best tool to help. Assistive technology offers broad range of options to support 

    • Establishing new routines, or independence an activity from prompting aids to wheelchair prescription
    • Relearning – neurofeedback to computer ai assisted tools 
    • Modulation – neuro modulation tools to help with mood for example

    Getting Started With A Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

    It all starts with an initial comprehensive clinical assessment which spans 2 sessions with a senior therapist. 

    You can expect at the completion of the assessment a holistic plan and recommendations to help you achieve your recovery goals.

    Referrals are welcome directly from clients as well as from your treating health professionals. 

    We’ll request a detailed summary of your health background in advance of your appointment so the therapist can plan your initial assessment. 

    If this is of interest to you, call today on 1300 783 200 or complete the form below and a team member will follow up with you directly. 

    How Can We Help You?

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