Our Services

Here Are The Types Of Services We’d Like To Share With You.

But, the first thing you’ll notice about our occupational therapy services is that we aren’t for everyone.

You won’t see 20 different special services detailed.

We’re a small, busy occupational therapy practice which accepts clients with neurological and aging and complex therapy needs only.

Our service is designed for people, maybe like you, who want a service to fit them not the other way around.

You’ll find here on this site a fair bit of information. And it’s growing. You see we want for you to have as much information to empower you to make the choice relevant for your situation.

So what are we about?

Occupational Therapy Brisbane is your personalised therapy and rehabilitation experience provided by Get Healthcare Direct. You can access a range of occupational therapy services, as well as fully-customised care, depending on the your needs and referral brief.

Whether you’re looking for services for yourself, a family member, you’re a case manager, or you’re acting for a GP practice or consultant, insurance company or aged care service provider, –  what ever your situation is, our team offers you highly skilled and motivated practitioners to achieve the outcomes relevant for you or your client.

Our services include:

Take a moment to explore the areas relevant to you and the case stories which may best apply to your situation.

Call us at 1300 783 200 or fill out a contact form you see on this site to arrange a time for a senior therapist to speak with you.