Residential Aged Care Occupational Therapy Services

Residential Aged Care Occupational Therapy Services

OT Services To Greater Brisbane’s Residential Facilities

OTB is committed to helping people achieve their functional best, whatever their desired goal may be in life. We work with you, your team and importantly residents and their families to support care and safety and to maximise independence.

In our work we’ve assisted people and facilities to address

  • Individual seating and support needs
  • Pressure management needs
  • Oedema management needs
  • Complex care equipment needs
  • Pain- post stroke, neurological and pain arising from complex needs
  • Falls risks
  • Upper limb splinting and positioning requirements
  • Manual handling and education
  • ADL needs
  • Powered mobility assessment and environmental audits
  • Cognitive assessment and individual functional care planning
  • Work with diversional and lifestyle teams to tailor diversional programs match to functional and therapeutic goals

As you can tell, our OT services span a number of ACFI approved items such as

  • Personal Hygiene, Mobility, Cognitive Skills, Complex Health Care Program

In the end we’ve asked a residential manager to sum up her experience with us

OT is a specialised service so we can address issues for residents that if we didn’t have the service would go un-serviced – so we have been able to improve standard of care and outcomes for residents in a positive, proactive and professional way that has improved quality of life for them. Plus we have a professional we can refer to that is able to attend to care needs and issues in a timely manner.

We really want to be part of the team, almost like the furniture,  that’s just what we’re about and that’s where we like to work and do our best work.

Call us on 1300 783 200 if you’d like  to find out some more or simply use our contact form to get in touch.

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