Stroke Recovery Plan

Stroke Recovery Plan


Stroke Recovery Plan

Here’s how you can get direction and take control of your stroke recovery.

After Mark’s stroke his memory wasn’t what it used to be.

You see, it affected his ability to do the simplest of things at home:

  • Like making tea and toast for his partner in the morning.
  • For Mark, 3 years after his stroke,  he was also deeply anxious about walking in shopping centres as he was easily lost and disorientated. This meant for his partner, she was always ever present.

Mark and his partner’s view of the future was forever ambushed by his daily stroke symptoms. You’d likely appreciate it was hard to see tomorrow when today was so rough.  It was clear there was a loss of direction and loss of control

Mark’s story is his own as is your story.

No doubt, from the day of your stroke, there’s likely a change in your life.

For you this may include physical, emotional and or cognitive (thinking and memory) changes.

As a result there’s likely been a big shift in what you can do for yourself and this can affect people deeply.

Having a stroke needn’t be a life sentence of no recovery, no purpose nor direction. Too often we see people months or even years after their hospital and rehabilitation system experience, still struggling to get a sense of what action will be best for their situation.

Your rehabilitation journey started at hospital and at some point the services stopped. This may be 6, 9 or even 12months after your stroke.

The Stroke Recovery Plan was developed to help survivors and their families. People maybe like you who are dealing with the aftershocks of stroke and who want direction on what are the actions, tools and strategies to best help with their long term stroke recovery.

In the end, the aim of the plan is to help you and your family obtain more clarity about what actions will help you achieve a life that you want a life, more on your terms.

Schedule A Free Stroke Recovery Enquiry Call

Simply fill out the form below, and Meg, Karen or Nicki will arrange a time to speak with a senior OT. On this call the OT will see whether this program is a good fit for you and your goals.

Our Approach

  • Step One:     We build a map of what you’ve done before, what has worked and what hasn’t.
  • Step Two:     We assess your current strengths, challenges and opportunities
  • Step Three:  Together we’ll define your goals and priorities for the short and medium term.
  • Step Four:    We deliver your Stroke Recovery Plan

About The Stroke Recovery Plan

First up, we’ll schedule a series of appointments with you and come to your home. This help  complete a detailed assessment of your stroke recovery needs. This allows for the right program design to help you achieve:

  • Your independence goals
  • Mobility or upper limb performance goals
  • Reduce the risk of falls
  • Improve performance in everyday task
  • Prescribe the right assistive equipment and technology
  • A home that fits you better
  • Confidence to get out into the world on your terms
  • Peace of mind you’re doing the right activities to leverage neuro-plasticity for your stroke recovery.

We’ll help prioritise and define an action plan to help you achieve the goals you want. The Stroke Recovery Plan will commonly include:

  • Key exercises: exercise is emerging as a neuro-protective treatment for stroke and aims to maintain and enhance your movement skills and to optimise recovery
  • The right assistive equipment and technology,
  • Home modification recommendations,
  • Memory and mood strategies
  • Simply a comprehensive plan for your recovery, so you can get direction and take control.

Who Is the Stroke Recovery Plan For ?

We’ve been working with long term stroke survivors in our mobile occupational therapy practice for many years. One person came to us 6 years after their stroke. People will choose us because:

  • They’re questioning whether anything else be done to help with their stroke symptoms? What should I be doing, now? What are the right steps for me? 
  • They want to explore what they can do and
  • They want direction and advice on the right therapy, equipment, care and life skills, so they could do what they want to do – better.

Life after a stroke can be complex. The Stroke Recovery Plan has been developed to make life less complex so that you can achieve your stroke and life recovery goals.

So, if what we’ve mentioned resonates with you and and you’d like to find out more about the Stroke Recovery Plan simply call 1300 783 200 or fill out the form below to schedule your Stroke Recovery  Enquiry Call with a senior occupational therapist.


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