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Therapy News: Home Modifications Can Help Older Australians Age In Place But There Are Challenges

Therapy News: Home Modifications

Elderly Australians wanting home care (including home modifications) are likely to wait longer.

From 2017 to 2018 the number of senior Australians on the waiting list for home care assistance and modifications increased by almost 40 per cent.

According to figures released by the Department of Health not only did people wait fr services, they were also waiting longer than the previous year.

Home Care Assistance/ Modification Waiting Time Numbers

  • 121,418 (People on waiting list as of June 2018)
  • 88,904 (People on waiting list as of June 2017)
  • 55,227 (People on waiting list with highest care needs)
  • 84,971 (People in home care packages as of March 2018)

In short, people with the highest care needs represented the most people on the waiting list for service. It is therefore critical to consider the small and potentially low cost actions to help live better at home.

Source: LASA Analysis: Responding to the home care packages wait-list crisis

Bathroom Modifications Are Key For Most People Who Want To Age In Place

According to recently published study on where people living in retirement see themselves living.… .. Click here to read the rest

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What Can I Do To Help My MS At Home

What Can I Do To Help My MS At Home

There is an emerging interest in the role of lifestyle intervention for neurological conditions and MS being one of these conditions gaining more media attention.  In this article we discuss emerging MS Lifestyle Interventions and Research with a special focus on answering what I can do to help my MS at home.

The world is seeing an increase in MS diagnoses – about three-quarters of them women but there are differences between regions for example between Australia and Japan ( MS Paris 2017).

In this article we refer to the work of Professor George Jelinek, a pioneer into lifestyle interventions for MS, which gratefully has drawn more research attention into the role of lifestyle medicine and the effect it has on reducing risk associated with MS.

So, What Can I Do To Help My MS At Home?

It’s worth declaring right up front, according to the MS Research Australia, “everyone’s MS and their individual circumstances are different meaning that the treatment and management of their disease is also very individual.… .. Click here to read the rest

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Simple Home Modification Tips: Should I Widen My Doorways

Simple Home Modification Tips: Should I Widen My Doorways (what to consider)


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.. Click here to read the rest
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How Seniors Can Stay In Their Homes For Longer

How Seniors Can Stay In Their Homes For Longer

The Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) are now well into or just entering their golden years. Unlike previous generations, they’re enjoying greater independence than ever before because of better healthcare and because of the modifications they can make to their homes and lifestyles as they age.

More seniors than ever before are able to maintain their independence and stay in their homes without needing to enter a nursing home or another assistive facility.

But these seniors who are “ageing-in-place” are also reaching out and taking advantage of resources available like age care therapy, and making the home modifications necessary to keep their homes safe.

How Home Occupational Therapy And Rehabilitation Can Benefit Seniors

Staying at home with aged care occupational therapy benefits seniors in a number of ways, including:

  • Being in the home promotes recovery
    Hospitals can be uncomfortable and traumatising for many. By being in the comfort of home, recovery may improve because the individual can receive rehabilitative care in his or her familiar space.
.. Click here to read the rest
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Grab Rails Vs Suction Bars

Grab Rails Versus Suction Rails

Grab Rails, Suction Bars, Bathroom Grab Bars…

There’s a lot of grab rails and suction bars on the market, but do they do the same thing? Importantly, are they safe and reliable?

You’re no doubt aware that grab rails are a reliable support in the bathroom and toilet. They help you perform the necessary daily activities and can be a “life saver” especially if you’ve almost had a fall.

But, we’ve seen rails and grab bars fail over the years and in this article we compare the features of grab rails versus suction bars.

If you’ve had a fall, it’s either a cold shock of the unexpected or you’ve been fearing a fall for some time.

Let’s drill into one of the factors which may contribute to a fall, lack of suitable support, like a bathroom grab rail or a toilet grab bar. The bathroom being a wet area, is a zone of the home where your therapist may look at falls prevention strategies.

The regular as clockwork question we often get is “Can You Use A Suction Grab Rail Instead of A Grab Into The Wall?” .. Click here to read the rest

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Ageing and Disability Home Modifications

Home Modifications

A Comprehensive Resource List For Home Modifications

What are home modifications and how can it help you?

Home “mods” are changes made to adapt your living environment to better meet the needs of people with functional difficulties. These functional limitations may arise from

  • physical,
  • sensory,
  • mental or
  • cognitive changes.

The goals of modifying the home maybe to improve your independence, to improve the ability of the care team to support a person’s care needs or to reduce personal safety risks so you can live without the threat of harm.

Home modifications is not just about the walls and floors it may also include adding assistive technology, assistive equipment as well as making structural changes to a home.

Modifications  to your home can range from low cost but effective solutions of replacing cabinet doorknobs with pull handles or install small threshold ramps to improve wheeled access to full-scale construction projects which require bathroom modifications, lifts to wheelchair ramps.

So, please find a comprehensive home design and modifications resource list be it for ageing or disability needs.… .. Click here to read the rest

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