Guest Blogging For Occupational Therapy Brisbane

Guest Blogging For Occupational Therapy Brisbane

Guest Blogging For Occupational Therapy Brisbane

Thanks for your interest in Occupational Therapy Brisbane.

As you’re likely aware, OTB explores areas which is about maximising human performance especially for people who are affected by neurological conditions and complex health needs. You’d appreciate this spans a spectrum of professional best practice and leading edge therapy to neurological recovery and rehab advances, equipment and assistive technology, elder care to meaningful ageing.

Occasionally, we’ll receive requests regarding guest blogging at Occupational Therapy Brisbane.

After a few inquiries we thought it about time to put a post up about what we’re looking for- cause we love a good post which helps people!

Not only that- it’s great to get a new voice and fresh insights on neurocare, recovery and rehabilitation.

So, if you’re interested in providing a guest post for Occupational Therapy Brisbane, please read on.

About Occupational Therapy Brisbane Blog Readers

Our readers are health and care professionals, medical specialist as well as people curiously interested in healthy ageing and neurocare and neurorehabilitation.

The OTB Blog

Our blog aims to deliver practical, evidenced and leading edge neurocare, therapy and rehabilitation articles.

We aim for our articles to have critical eye for scientific evidence and proof.  We want to be transparent about our sources and we want our sources to be super credible. You’ll see that we aim to refer to primary source articles-nearly always. We want for our readers to explore as well!

You might want to look at Our Principles as this will give you more of an indicator of what we are about.

Why You May Want To Write A Guest Blog For Occupational Therapy Brisbane

We do it to help others. We want for our readers to have choice and to be empowered with their choices. It’s a great way to share your knowledge, to practice your writing chops and to kick start your health initiative. Not only that it’s good link juice for your venture.

Here are some awesome reasons:

  • Get your ideas out there
  • Get your business more press
  • Lastly and important- deliver healthy, evidenced, practical information to help people positively

Areas We Cover

Ok, this bit is important, so pay attention. We’re very choosy about the articles we publish and so we’re strictly interested in

  1. Neurorehabilitation
  2. Technology and robotics for neurocare and neurorehabilitation
  3. Practical and evidenced allied therapy solutions for neurological conditions
  4. Age care ( including the home) and innovative therapy and care solutions

Guest Blogging For Occupational Therapy Brisbane Quality Requirements

We’re looking for posts that teach, give practical experience and are backed by evidence. We avoid post topics which aren’t new or have been done before.

Simply- articles should grab a person’s attention so they forget to read their coffee it is that interesting, relevant an empowering.

We ask that you perform a Copyscape check before submitting. If it isn’t done- it won’t be accepted.

We stay away from sensationalist articles, that’s not for us nor for our audience.

If you’re into evidence like us, you’ll likely be familiar with evidence hierarchy. The University of Canberra has an easy to understand evidence hierarchy post here.

First Steps First

Don’t send us a complete manuscript. Instead, put an email together which addresses:

  • What is you main area of interest or expertise? What do you know a lot about?
  • Submit post or report links to what you’ve written before.
  • Put together 3 or 4 headlines which you think will be suitable for our audience. Spend some time on this- even a sub head if you want
  • Please state which of the 4 areas you’re going to address?

We try and look at every blog proposal, but you’d appreciate we can’t see all of them.

If after reading this, you’ve answered yes, yes and YES– then we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below.



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