8 Simple Safety Checks To Reduce Your Client’s Falls Risks In The Home

8 Simple Safety Checks To Reduce Your Client’s Falls Risks In The Home

A Free Online Training Event For In Home Care Workers and Key Care Personnel: How You Can Reduce Your Client’s Falls Risks In The Home.

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As a carer you work closely with your clients be it walking, moving from sitting to standing or in and out of the shower all of which can be a risky activity. A person’s ability to do these everyday tasks can change. What works today can be very different on your next shift.

A fear many carers have, maybe much like you, is to have a client fall during your shift.  After a fall, as a carer,  you may experience a sense of helplessness and a loss of confidence in your skill and,  this no doubt ,can really affect you . You’d appreciate having a client fall is not a scenario you want to experience, especially if you can predict if it may happen.

So what can you do to identify falls risk? How can you be more sensitive to the change in your client? What are the triggers to help you zero in on the falls risks, before a fall happens? And what can you do about it?

That’s the basis of this training.

So, In This Training You’ll Learn

  1. How you can spot falls risks in your clients
  2. The 8 simple checks you can use with your clients
  3. 5 triggers for when you need to use them with your clients
  4. PLUS a Live Q&A where you can Ask A Therapist your pressing client care and manual handling questions.

The Goal

At the end of the webinar the goal is for you have clarity about what you can do for your clients to reduce the risk of a fall
It’s a clear win win. A win for you as you’re in more control and go home safe and well. And a win for your clients because it’s clear a fall can dramatically alter a person’s life.

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Who Is This Training For?

  • In home care worker who is looking for new information to add to their care tool box
  • Community nursing staff who want to continue to sharpen their knowledge
  • Key personnel who are responsible for care team coordination and workforce development

Webinar Details
Free training event: For In Home Care Workers: The 8 Simple Safety Checks To Reduce Your Client’s Falls Risks

When Is The Webinar?
Monday the 29th of May, 2017 at 12.30pm EST

About The Presenter

David Norris, Occupational Therapist and Neuro Care Advisor, has 17 years experience as a health professional working with elderly clients. He is the founder of Occupational Therapy Brisbane and has a wealth of experience in occupational ageing, elderhood and acquired and degenerative neurological conditions and complex therapy needs.

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What is a webinar?

A webinar is a Video presentation using the internet to broadcast the presentation to your device be it your phone, tablet/ iPads or desktop computer.

What if I don’t have a good web connection or device?

That’s ok you can dial in, teleconference and listen to the webinar
A quick word of caution. Places are limited to 100 people so please, we encourage you, register today to secure your place.

Summing Up

We know that this is a real issue for many people. You see we’ve given this presentation in face to face live training events before. So we’re confident that you’ll likely find this information helpful. We need to also mention briefly that capacity is set for only 100 attendees.  Given this is going out to over 1000 people we expect it to fill up fast. So, please register without delay.  Click HERE  to register now.

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