10min Consultation

10min Consultation

10 Minute Free Consultation For People Concerned About Their Memory

If you’re not sure where you stand with your memory and what actions you can take, perhaps, start with a Free 10min Consultation (no obligation)  to see if we can help?

Simply, fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch to schedule a convenient time with you.

How Can We Help You?

Please fill out the short form below and tell us how can we best help you? One of our team members will reach out when it comes through.

What is included in the free consultation?

In our free phone consultation, you will chat directly with a therapist over the phone. The conversation will be confidential and the therapist will discuss your situation and advise you of what their perspective is.

What areas can be discussed during the phone consultation?

We cover memory health and neurological condition questions.

What happens after my free phone consultation?

If you’re satisfied we can help we may schedule an initial memory health consultation or an initial assessment which ever best suits your needs and goals. Services which may be relevant to your situation may include:


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