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Looking For A Brisbane Stroke Rehabilitation OT? Here’s how we can help you find your stroke recovery.

Our Brisbane Stroke Rehabilitation OT Services offer you
Wherever you are, you can expect stroke rehabilitation programs and exercises to help you acheive your recovery goals.

Will I Get Back To Normal?

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from a stroke survivor.

Whilst we’ve no crystal ball nor do we offer any prognostic advice, we do stand by the fact that we will help you as much as clinically reasonable to acheive your goals.

You see, every year more than 60,000 Australians suffer a stroke. This number will only increase with the aging population the growing epidemics of obesity, physical inactivity and diabetes.

So if you or someone you know is affected, you’re not alone.

Therapy For Stroke Brisbane

Are You Getting Enough From Your Stroke Rehabilitation Program?

It’s a sad reality, Australian stroke survivors in hospital (public) receive 25% or less of the recommended daily dosages of stroke rehabilitation therapy i.e. 37mins/day instead of 3hours/day.

In the USA, in-patients must receive a minimum of 3hours/day for at least 5 days a week.

So, have you received enough to warrant the results you have achieved? For our mind, outcomes for people who’ve survived  a stroke are unacceptably low. We’d like to change this situation an that’s what our Brisbane Stroke Rehabilitation OT services is committed to.

You’ll likely may already know that your neurorecovery happens when stroke rehabilitation harnesses the opportunity of neuroplasticity.

What we don’t see in Australia is this being optimised to its fullest potential.

Strong Recommendation For The Amount Of Stroke Rehabilitation

For stroke survivors, rehabilitation should be structured to provide as much scheduled therapy (occupational therapy and physiotherapy) as possible.
(Lohse et al. 2014 [23]); Schneider et al. 2016 [29]; Veerbeek et al. 2014 [80])

For stroke survivors, group circuit class therapy should be used to increase scheduled therapy time.
(English et al. 2015 [20])

Clinical Guidelines For Stroke Management

Reasons Why You Might Choose Our Brisbane Stroke Rehabilitation Services

If you’ve experienced a stroke you’ve likely experienced an inpatient rehab experience. Therese are established stroke rehabilitation centres that offer a whole suite of services. Perhaps this was followed by an outpatient rehabilitation stint.

It’s common that after this, people feel that there is still much more to be achieved. That’s when people will likely get in touch with us.

Despite being connected with a stroke rehabilitation centre, some people may experience ongoing symptoms of:

If you’re like our clients, you’re likely seeking out someone to help with the journey after a stroke, a partnership.

One which is focused on helping you achieve the best outcomes possible following a stroke and to live life on your own terms

After Stroke Rehabilitation: Set Up and Sustain A Program That Works For You

For some people they say coming to us is about setting a direction of effort and focus, for others it’s about showing up and being accountable to someone. Whatever your situation what we do is provide:

We focus on helping you achieve your goals. We know this can be hard as some people get frustrated with the “goal” language and “I just wanna be better”

Making a start is what we suggest and then we build from there. We do this by providing you with the a clinician, equipment, stroke rehabilitation exercise program, and the intensity.

Rehab does require effort on both sides- we’ll not beat around this point.

Our Brisbane stroke rehabilitation program includes occupational therapy as well as other care and clinical teams as needed.

Brisbane Stroke Rehabilitation OT Services

Specifically we can offer you OT neuro services such as:
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