OTB Call Form

OTB Call Form

Please complete the below for client inquiries. SMILE 🙂

TIPS For The Call

  1. SMILE:  It may seem silly, but it works. The client commonly has a lot in their life and someone who is smiling ( even over the phone) will leave an impact.
  2. Choose Happy Words: Want callers to know you’re happy? Tell them! Phrases like “I’m happy to” or “I’ll be glad to” work wonders. “Absolutely” and “Certainly” showcase your enthusiasm.
  3. Cheery TONE: Not sure how to verbally foster happiness? Pretend your caller is an old friend you’ve been dying to catch up with. You’re thrilled about this long-awaited conversation!
  4. Close the call with: Is There Anything Else I can pass on to the team?


  • On Road Driving Assessments have a 1.5 Month Waiting List**
  • Other OT services are provided within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Fax No. 1300 400 395
  • Email. Support@gethealthcaredirect.com.au

TMC OT Brisbane Enquiry

TMC OT Brisbane Contact Form
  • (Who is the best person to speak with about this enquiry?)
  • We ask this as we send out appointment reminders, practice information and pre-appointment forms by email.
  • Please select the most suitable service/ inquiry related to the call…. **** Please Advise Driving Assessment Callers there is a 1- 2 Month Waiting List for On Road Assessments
  • Helps organise our schedule for OTs to visit a client in their home as well as not to confuse you with other people in our system.
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