Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease

Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease

oga For Parkinson's Disease


Are you interested in Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease?

Laura Kupperman contacted us and asked if we’d be interested in collaborating on a webinar for Yoga practitioners with a key focus on Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease. We jumped at the opportunity to work with her and the other co-presenter and yoga practitioner, Theresa Conroy.

Please join me this week where I’ll be a featured guest speaker on a FREE webinar, “Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease”. In the webinar I will be speaking with host and Professional Yoga Therapist, Laura Kupperman about:

> The science behind PD, including motor and non-motor symptoms

> The hidden aspect of PD: autonomic symptoms

> Principles of neuroplasticity, as related to PD

> How the mind-body connection can support people with PD

> Practical yoga tips to help with the functional challenges of PD

> And much more . . .

When: November 30, 7:00am AEST

This webinar is now completed and we had a blast working with Laura

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