Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Brain

Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Brain

Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Brain stimulation and exercises are a great way to keep our memory and cognitive function in tip-top shape.

Challenging your mind may contribute to continually improving your thinking and reasoning, your language skills like you vocabulary, and it can even help you socially.

There are a number of ways you can stimulate your brain, with some of the most notable being sudoku and crossword puzzles.

But this post offers a variety of alternatives, like:

  • Learning how to play a musical instrument. There are a number of community organisations where you can sign up for private or group lessons, and some libraries also loan out musical instruments for weeks at a time.
  • Learn a second, third or fourth language. This people who have developed the skill to speak another language have been observed to have a larger area allocated for speech than those who do not.
  • Joining an interest group. Have a hobby or want to get politically involved? Discussing interests with like-minded individuals has proven to help individuals think critically and it will help you clearly express your thoughts and ideas. Even volunteering has been shown to help with the adaptive changes of the brain.
  • Write – with your opposite hand, if possible. Writing in itself is great brain exercise. If you can manage to switch from your dominant hand to your other hand, you will be giving your brain an even greater workout.

New Brain Health Program For People Living In Brisbane

We’re exited to be offering a new brain health program for people over the age of 45 years.

If you’re interested in learning what steps you can take to improve and maintain your brain health, simply send us an email or call 1300 783 200 to learn where we are running the next event near you.

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