Robots and Zippers We Never Thought We’d See This

Robots and Zippers We Never Thought We’d See This

Robots and Zippers? We Never Thought We’d See This!

Robots and Zippers? Is there a robot for every task imaginable nowadays? Well maybe not quite (yet), but this Cool Zipper Robot which zips up and down has grabbed our attention.

For many of our clients, the day to day frustrations on managing buttons can be like climbing Mt Everest. A task once so ingrained in our neuro-motor performance has now become so darn hard and frustrating to say the least!

We saw this project pop up on our radar and it hit the “wow, this is sooo helpful” button that we had to share.

The project is by  Haresh Karnan’s zipper robot, who is a roboticist, engineer and programmer .

In 2017 Karnan designed the 3D-printed shell with two geared motors for traction, which can both undo and do up zippers. The name from our perspective says it all: Cool Zipper Robot.  What’s even better is the fact that on Karnan’s website you can access the “design how to guide”

Robots and Zippers Here’s a video of  it in action

It’s clear there is alot of R&D ahead as to how this can be brought to the market place. The goals of functionality, portability, accessibility still need to be considered int eh design, but, what a cracking start!


Cliff Zipper has taken this robot and zippers challenge and brought to market a more refined product.

But, the current design challenge still remains from our perspective.

That is, the robots and zippers continue to require hand and finger dexterity to position the aid and remove the aid. We don’t think velcro or the humble button pull is dead but there is innovation abroad to help resolve this functional challenge.

Technology can be hard, the right tech can daunting to figure out.

Having clarity about a technology’s potential to assist a person living with dementia or other neurological conditions is an issue that many carers and team managers are desperately trying to resolve.

So before you put your hands in your pocket we’ve a free framework to help guide your assessment and decision. You can download it today.

Of course, should you our your family member seek more input about the right assistive technology for your situation please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Call 1300 7830 200 to arrange a complimentary 15min conversation with a therapist today.


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