A 4 Part Training Event To Tackle Brain Performance Issues of Memory, Visual and Auditory Processing and “Brain Fogginess”

MindCize is designed for people who wish to improve or maintain their brain health and abilities. Who want to be proactive with their brain health.

The brain health program is four x 1-1.5hour intensive sessions which teaches brain health and performance fundamentals covering neuro-plasticity, lifestyle and cognitive training exercises.

The ultimate goal is to put you in the driver’s seat to improve your brain health and performance. So are you interested to improve your brain health and performance?

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Smart Care Professional

Let’s face it, whether you’re running a care team or you’re a direct care professional, there is barely enough time in the day to meet your or your team’s professional development needs. When you do, you have to travel, take time off . If you’re going to a conference you’ll also pay the exorbitant registration fees.

What if you had your own private clinical care coach, a library of growing education materials to support you to achieve your goals be it related to direct care, team or care services.

What if you could access this education and support anywhere, anytime, any device? Announcing Smart Care Professional, where clinically led, care practical education and support comes to you. Interested to learn more?

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Therapy Service at Home

Great therapists working in a great system can achieve great things. When David founded Brisbane’s neurological occupational therapy practice he didn’t follow the old model of same business as usual. Instead he did what seemed right. Right for the company, right for staff and our health care partners and most of all Right for You.

We believe people are strong. That people deserve the best life possible regardless of past and current medical conditions or their age. So, this neurological occupational therapy practice was formed to work with the body, encourage the spirit, and respect the person. With a unique and specialised focus on adults with neurological and complex therapy needs.

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