Parkinson’s Disease Path-Finder

Parkinson’s Disease Path-Finder

Your PD Plan Helping You Move Forward In Your Life With Purpose, Direction and Control

Stiffness, pain, stumbling, clumsy, confused, anxious, stuck, foggy are all far too common words we hear people describe their inner experiences of Parkinson’s Disease when we first meet.

They’ll go onto say it’s often difficult to get clarity about the right actions for their Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

No doubt there’s a sea of information out there.

There is clearly the good and the bad.  The good information will always lack the fine filtering needed to make sure it meets your needs, your situation. You see PD is going to affect a person individually, so we appreciate your need to get tailored and relevant information for you specific experience of PD.

So, whether you’re recently diagnosed and are wondering now what, or you’ve been living with PD for sometime and you’re after advice and information to help set you in the right direction.

Then this program may be for you.

The Parkinson’s Disease Path-Finder Program

  • Is more than an exercise program. It’s a comprehensive program to map out the key areas of action in your life, it takes you from lack of control to the driver’s seat position with your PD.

Schedule A Free PD Path-Finder Enquiry Call

Simply fill out the form below, and Meg, Karen or Nicki will arrange a time to speak with a senior OT. On this call the OT will see whether this program is a good fit for you and your goals.

In the end this means

  • Forming a deep understanding of current and short term symptoms and how they impact your
    • Day to day activities
    • Movement
    • Memory and thinking
    • Mood and mental health
    • Living- in your home or community

Form this comprehensive understanding allows for the right program design aimed to help you achieve:

    • Maximum independence
    • Improve mobility
    • Reduce the risk of falls
    • Improve performance in everyday task
    • Better and efficient access to the right community programs
    • Ease of government service navigation
    • Prescribe the right assistive equipment and technology
    • A home that fits you better
    • Confidence to get out into the world on your terms
    • Peace of mind you’re doing the right activities for your PD

We’ve delivered this program with a lot people across Brisbane. It’s helped them achieve a long list of goals. Here’s a quick sample of what people’s goals have been:

  • Being able to get out of bed
  • Walk with confidence
  • Better manage on – off cycles of their PD symptoms
  • Walk the Able Tasman track
  • Take a Cruise Trip and go to the Melbourne Cup
  • Reduce falls hazards about the home
  • Improve memory to help with medication routines
  • Safety and independence when at home by themselves
  • Enhance carer confidence to help and support and enriched life

Whilst this is a brief list of what people have asked of us, the key here is- it’s what is important for you.

About Parkinson’s Disease Path-Finder Program

  • We come to your home and conduct a detailed assessment, prioritise goals and define an action plan to help you achieve the goals you want, those that really matter to you
  • Over a number of sessions you’ll have a personalised strategy to help you move forward with your life. We aim to lift your confidence and sense of control from where you are today to a position of strength and know how.
  • At the end you’ll receive a comprehensive report which details the areas of action relevant to you. This is likely to cover
    • Key exercises: exercise is emerging as a neuro-protective treatment for PD
    • The right assistive equipment and technology, home modification recommendations
    • as well as other areas
    • Your GP and Neuro-Specialist will also receive summary of our observations and actions so there is a joined up team approach to your care and therapy

We’re well aware that our relationship is likely not to stop at the end of the program. Either way if we continue to work together or not, you can always ring the team to discuss your plan.

Simply, The Parkinson’s Disease Path-Finder Program lays the foundations for you to have the life skills to meet PD head on.

Does what we’ve mentioned resonate with you?

If so,  take big steps to get on your own path to better managing your Parkinson’ Disease today.

Call direct 1300 783 200 or simply fill out the form below to schedule your free PD Path-Finder Enquiry Call.  Our team will follow up with you to arrange a convenient time to speak with a senior occupational therapist.

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