Brisbane’s Newest Neurotherapy Hub Open

Brisbane’s Newest Neurotherapy Hub Open

Welcome to Brisbane’s newest Neurotherapy Hub centrally located at The Johnson, Spring Hill.

Offering hotel like amenities with healthcare focus.

You can access one on one services or group programs.

On site services include gym, pool and a home like clinic room offers a new experience in personalised neurotherapy services.

We’re excited for the possibilities to better serve people living with neurological conditions and can’t wait to share this neurotherapy hub with you.

You can access the following services at the neuro – occupational therapy centre:

The Neurotherapy Hub is part of our mission to serve adults so they can retain their independence and live life on their terms when faced with memory, thinking or movement changes.


We’d love to hear from you, so if you’re interested please contact us directly via 1300 783 200 or use the contact form – HERE.


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