Mobile Occupational Therapy Across The Brisbane Region

Mobile Occupational Therapy Across The Brisbane Region

Looking for a mobile occupational therapy service that comes to your area? Well, we are glad to report that we offer a mobile therapy services for people with complex and neurological therapy needs across the

  • Brisbane North
  • and Inner South, West and Eastern suburbs of Brisbane.

The mobile occupational therapy services across Brisbane are designed to help people acheive

  • home modification outcomes
  • neurological care and therapies matched to your home
  • right equipment prescription to meet your needs at home and or the community
Will Mobile Occupational Therapy Work For Me?
No, that’s not our car but we offer personalised mobile occupational therapy services across Brisbane

Will A Mobile Occupational Therapy Service Work For You? (What Are The Benefits)

  1. Assessment
    1. As boring as that sounds, a great start to therapy is based on a solid foundation ( assessment).  Coming to the home or your local community affords the therapist a deeper understanding of your challenges, strengths and opportunities.  We can’t underscore that great therapy arises from great assessment.
  2. Convenience
    1. Who doesn’t like not having to wait in your health professional waiting room. There’s only so many magazines you can read, right?! We are also respectful that this is your place, and we will do our level best to be on time and attempt to align with the way you manage your home
  3. A Hybrid Approach To Achieving Your Goals
    1. A what?  Let me explain. Commonly people will be seen in our clinic as a first step.  Why? Some of the items we use just aren’t portable. Secondly, we’ll see people in their home. And in today’s modern world we can use Technology to deploy test, therapy aids and therapy itself. So you can see that we’re often in the home and that therapy is a “hybrid” or blend of many types. 

Yes,We Have Online Occupational Therapy Services

In these very unusual times of COVID-19 we offer online therapy services as well as a way to reduce contact but still help people acheive their therapy goals.

If you’re interested in this services, here’s more details about online therapy services

So, Do Our Mobile OT Services Cover Your Area?

If you want to learn if your home, workplace or community is in our catchment area contact us.

Phone: 1300 783 200

Fax: 1300 400 395

Mail: PO Box 1030 Lutwyche, QLD 4030

How Can We Help You?

Please fill out the short form below and tell us how can we best help you? One of our team members will reach out when it comes through.

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