How To Manage My Fatigue After A Stroke

How To Manage My Fatigue After A Stroke

“How can I manage my fatigue after a stroke?” If you’re a stroke survivor, this is a common question we’ve been asked by survivors on their stroke rehabilitation journey. It must be said, fatigue after a stroke can be an ongoing stroke symptom that many stroke survivors battle with everyday. So you’re not alone.

Some days are good and some days it’s a herculean effort to get out of bed.

There are many questions that come up when we meet and work with folk who are trying to breakthrough the limitations that fatigue places upon them.

Common Survivor Questions About Fatigue After A Stroke

  • How long will the my fatigue last after a stroke?
  • Why is my fatigue after a stroke still happening after 6months?
  • What can I do to work around my fatigue
  • Screw fatigue! I’m just going to do what I want and see how I go- is this ok?
  • Can my fatigue get worse after a stroke?
  • What can I do to get better so that fatigue after my stroke doesn’t get in the way of my life?
  • No one understands this- it’s so hidden- how can I let other people know how to help me manage my fatigue after a stroke?

Common Loved One Questions About Fatigue After A Stroke

  • I can never tell whether it’s the stroke, fatigue or depression – what can I do to help?
  • What does fatigue feel like after a stroke?

I was fortunate to be asked by Bill Gasiamis, 4 time stroke survivor, Stroke Ambassador and a warrior leading the charge to help people reclaim their lives after a stroke.

In this conversation we share solutions to common fatigue after stroke challenges. A deep conversation with insights from both a senior neuro occupational therapist and a stroke survivor. You can watch and listen into the conversation below

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Occupational Therapy Brisbane provides tangible solutions to common stroke survivor lifestyle issues like reduced balance, limited motor function, memory difficulties, and fatigue. We offer a comprehensive stroke rehabilitation program which incorporates rehabilitative technology,  driver cognitive screening, and more, to improve the lives of our clients.

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You can follow Bill Gasiamis at his podcast or website

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