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Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services

This is a common sample of our Occupational Therapy, Case Management, Injury Management and Rehabilitation and Assessment services for People Age Over  45years.

We always visit patients in the comfort of their homes. It’s easier on them and their families without the worry about transport. It also helps our patients relearn in the perfect environment – their home. They can relearn how to bend down to their refrigerator, reach up to their cabinets, or walk up their stairs. And remember, our patients do not have to be homebound or have a skilled nursing need. Why at home, well we just think it’s better that way.

OTs for short, helps people remember what it is to function optimally and do what they once thought impossible. To recapture a better quality of life. They do it with inspiration, compassion, encouragement and skill.

We Exist To:

Respect people by helping them to reach their most optimal quality of life and well-being by providing the  highest quality occupational therapy using proven methods and standards.

Whilst not an exhaustive list it provides an overview of where we regularly help clients.

Enhance Activities of Daily Living

  • When there is a need to identify,  assess and prescribe solutions for the clients current functional status and limitations in the performance of the daily living activities. Activities of Daily Living(ADL) are those areas of personal care, walking and dressing for example.

Make Your Home Fit You Better

  •  Sometimes the home is as much a barrier to doing the things that are necessary and important. What we do, in a Home Assessment, with you is prioritise low cost and effective solutions to make it easier at home.

Equipment and Garment Prescription

  • We work with you to get the right equipment or garment to help restore confidence in your functional abilities, reduce pain and enhance life satisfaction

Other Services You Can Expect

  • Home Health Safety
  • Programs for People and their Carers impacted by Dementia
  • Home Care Falls Management Program
  • Audit and analysis of the home and possible community environment
  • Disability Home Care Assessment
  • Eldercare Assessment and Services
  • Identification and planning to assist with functional home care assistance


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