Free Memory Health Seminar

Free Memory Health Seminar

Free Memory Health Seminar For Brisbane Residents

Spring Into Brain Health with this FREE learning event you won’t want to miss

Here’s how to prevent memory loss and boost your brain fitness.

Learn how to strengthen your cognitive powers so you can stress less, have better clarity and protect the brain-based skills that are essential for full, rewarding, and independent living

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Why Should You Come?

The numbers paint a story,

  • 35% of dementia cases is preventable and you personally can reduce your lifetime risk by 1/3rd by taking simple everyday actions (LANCET, 2017)
  • 1 person every 3seconds is diagnosed with dementia.
  • Dementia affects more women than men.
  • Our brain based skills help us live and enjoy our life and any threat to this can impact your independence.

We’ve put this event together to help us prevent avoidable memory loss.

Here’s What Other Memory Health Seminar Attendees Have Said About The Event

  • I thought the presentation was excellent. All should attend.
  • A most interesting presentation. I would certainly encourage anyone to attend. The one thing I am encouraged to do is walking as much as possible. Waiting to hear more from you; a repeat of your talk on email would be helpful.
  • The presentation was helpful and interesting. It confirmed that what I’m doing to keep my brain healthy is good and gave me few new tips.
  • Excellent presentation, thank you. The anatomy and physiology information would have been useful to many. This complex issue and self-help options should be brought to the attention of all Seniors. Open discussion should be encouraged. We need to understand that the time for action is NOW, not later.
  • The presentation was a wake up call.
  • I thought it was really good. You spoke well and we all heard every word!! The information was relevant for our group. I learnt a lot and I will be putting some things into action as a result of your talk.
  • Attend and learn how to help ourselves

Only 2 Locations Left For November!

With the support from TRICARE the event is available at two convenient sites in Brisbane. To claim your free ticket, click the “tickets” below for either Sunnybank or Mt Ommaney  for instant online booking.

TRICARE Sunnybank Hills Aged Care Residence,

330 Jackson Road, Sunnybank Hills,  November 21st at 10:00am


TRICARE Ommaney Retirement Community,

146 Capitol Dr. Mount Ommaney November 22nd at 10:00am

What Is Covered In The Free Memory Health Seminar?

The goal of the seminar is to introduce to you the evidence and simple action for you to prevent memory loss and boost brain fitness.

By attending this one and quarter hour seminar you’ll learn:

  • How to sidestep threats to your brain’s wellness
  • How to build a “cognitive reserve” to address your brain’s changes
  • How to shape and secure fulfilling and lasting mental fitness.
  • The 9 steps that can yield important and lasting results for your cognitive fitness

A special,  free,  one hour seminar with Occupational Therapist and Memory Health Advocate, David Norris.

To claim your free ticket for the Sunnybank Hills, November 21st seminar Click Here

To claim your free ticket for the Mt Ommaney, November 22nd seminar Click Here

or Phone 1300 783 200 as place are limited.

The  seminar will be followed by refreshments and light snacks with an opportunity for David Norris to answer questions.


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