Free Info

Free Info

Information from Occupational Therapy Brisbane

We’re compiling an online library resource for you to review and consider. This information has been have compiled for  Brisbane, QLD and Australian residents who could be in need of Occupational Therapy services.

This includes helpful information about neurological conditions, and included health promotion, lifestyle, home modification,  such as

  • Stroke Rehabilitation,
  • Parkinson’s Disease Rehab and Therapy,
  • Practical living and lifestyle strategies for MS
  • Responsive services for people impacted by brain tumors
  • Home care solutions for people and families affected by dementia
  • Home modifications for older people
  • Guide and Recommendations for Rehab Technology and Assistive Aids

We work to provide you with new, free, and practical information so you’re able to make informed decisions about your situation.

(or just good information as you’re interested about therapy solutions of neuro and an ageing population) – Whatever you’re need you’ll find answers to many of you questions.

Of course,  if you’ve a personal situation we’d like for you to speak with an experienced OT – you can get in touch with us at 1300 783 200.

We also work on a series of special reports which we publish periodically. The best way to keep up to date with this is to register your interest below in the subscription box.

If you’ve a therapy need and would like to speak to our OTs about your situation, call us at 1300 783 200


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