Do You Need An OT

Do You Need An OT

Deciding if you need therapy is a difficult decision. No case is black and white, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us to learn more. Here are a few general signs that could point to you needing occupational therapy:

AT Home Occupational Therapy

  • You’ve had a fall, stumble or near miss and you believe your balance is not as good as what it usually is
  • You feel weak and overly tired due to a recent or chronic illness.
  • You have a chronic condition that affects function, cognition and mobility (e.g., Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s).
  • Walking or getting out of a chair, car, or bed has become very difficult.
  • You are afraid of falling or have fallen recently.
  • Your joints and muscles feel stiff and painful.
  • Bathing, grooming, or using the toilet has become a burden.
  • You were recently hospitalised or underwent surgery.
  • You were recently fitted for, or are in need of, a wheelchair or other assistive device.
  • You wish to establish an exercise program to maintain and / or prevent issues.
  • You have trouble remembering things, solving problems or focusing since a recent hospitalization or illness.
  • To name a few common experience people commonly come to us with.


At Work Occupational Therapy

  • You wish to have a comprehensive response to increase in Occupational Injuries
  • You wish to have better understanding of an Individual Worker
  • You wish to review the Workplace Environment in order to prevent occupational injury
  • You wish to mitigate functional decline and maximise recovery after a comprehensive injury be it compensable or non compensable
  • You wish to support people as they transition to another occupation or phase  of life post injury
  • You wish to mitigate risk and need insight and a genuine understanding of your workplaces occupational requirements

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