Dementia In Australia Is This The Way Forward

Dementia In Australia Is This The Way Forward?

Dementia in Australia is now the third-leading cause of disease burden. It’s expected anywhere 368, 200 to 472,000 Australians are living with dementia.

I recently wrote an article on LinkedIn after reviewing the data within the report.

The article explores

  • Service utilization within the Medicare Benefits Schedule.  The intent within modern practice is to be diagnosing as soon as possible in order to best support people and families. This is the domain of our GPs. What the report shows though, is how is the MBS being used to support people in their journeys, The sad fact from my observations is that that picture looks very much the same as it did 10 years ago.
  • Health conditions that people commonly have when living with dementia
  • What assistance people need in the community. This was a troubling picture which on the face isn’t congruent with what people need

It is my hope that this article stimulates a conversation. One that can help us acheive a better system, model to best help our community living with dementia.

What are your thoughts? CLICK HERE to read the article.


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