Dementia Enquiry Thank You

Dementia Enquiry Thank You

Thank You For Your Enquiry

Your request for a consultation with a therapist has been received.

A team member will contact you shortly.

They’ll arrange a convenient time for you to have a conversation with a senior therapist.

On your therapist call you’ll learn more about the Dementia Therapy- Skills For Life Program.
A practical therapy home program designed to optimise self sufficiency, reduce carer stress and enhance quality of life.

On Your Skills For Life Program Call

You can expect to discuss:

  • The aim and actions areas of the Skills For Life Programs
  • Your goals and living with dementia challenges
  • Who the program is designed for and to confirm whether it may be good fit for your goals
  • What you need to do to get ready for your Skills For Life program

You’d appreciate everyone is different. The Skills For Life program is a good start, however bear in mind, we’ll always tailor the program to your goals and needs.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm regards,

P.S. If you’ve contacted us over the weekend, we’ll be in touch with you on the first business day after your enquiry.



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