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Allied Health Administration / Executive Assistant Role

Allied Health Administration / Executive Assistant Role in Brisbane is now OPEN for the right person.

Does this sound like you?

People Person Wanted. 

Loves Customer Service and is good with process.

Has an eye for improvement and opportunities.   

Occupational Therapy Brisbane is a growing Occupational Therapy private practice.

Health Administration Assistant Wanted

We offer specialist services to people who live with complex neurological conditions such as acquired brain injury, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and stroke. 

We’d love to connect a highly motivated person who is a wizard in Health Administration and  or Executive Assistant tasks and is looking for work from home opportunity. 

The right applicant must have excellent communication and organisational skills to best support our professional staff and meet the needs of our clients. 

This is for a Casual position developing into Permanent Part time for successful applicant

The role requires provision of administrative services for Occupational Therapy Brisbane with duties including:

  • Scheduling and managing client appointments
  • Managing referral and client database
  • Managing NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) paperwork and online portal
  • Preparing quotes and service agreements for professional services
  • Answering phones
  • Managing client paperwork and referrals
  • Preparing communications for Doctors, health professionals etc.
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How To Improve Dementia Care Management

How To Improve Dementia Care Management; Let’s Start With The Care Givers

At the time of writing this post, the Australian Government has announced a Royal Commission into Aged Care, no matter where you see this announcement politically, it represents an opportunity to improve dementia care management.

For many people living with dementia, they don’t reside in an Aged Care Facility but in the home, often with family and loved ones supporting them, stride by stride as the condition plays out for that family unit.

Dementia, isn’t just an experience of memory loss, but a host of symptoms which may commonly impact behaviour. A change in behaviour can be a significant challenges and a source of stress for the family and carers.

Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) are often considered to be the greatest challenge in dementia care, leading to increased healthcare costs, caregiver burden, and placement into care facilities. For family at home carers, there’s a reported increase in stress and depression and reduce overall quality of life.

The host of medications that a person may take as a result include anti-psychotic, antidepressants, mood stabilizer, sleep or sedative medication.… .. Click here to read the rest

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6 Factors To Impact Driving Performance In Older People

6 Factors To Impact Driving Performance In Older People

By 2025, people aged 65 years and over will represent approximately 25% of all drivers on the road.

It’s clear changes in our health and functional abilities are likely to impact on your driving performance.

But knowing when to reduce, change or stop driving is often a difficult decision and one which isn’t really clear.

For many people, driving represent independence, access and a sense of adulthood and capability.  Treats to this experience requires an appreciation and compassion for how a person is feeling and at the same time being respectful in discussions about driving, driving options and cessation. Being aware of the factors which may limit or reduce driving performance in older person is the first set in identifying the issues as well as a point to commence a conversation.

6 Factors To Impact Driving Performance In An Older People

1. Medications Which May Impact Your Driving Performance

Some medications can interfere with your driving performance. The side effects may be immediate,  cumulative ( adding up with the longer exposures to the medication) or combined as a result of their interactions with other medications and  or your particular health conditions.… .. Click here to read the rest

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Occupational Therapy Brisbane Blog

Discover Information About Neurological Rehabilitation, Neuroplasticity, Aged Care, Care Equipment and Assistive Technology

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