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What can you do to improve your brain health? Can you prevent Dementia? What is the latest neuroscience that can help you live better when faced with a neurological condition?
Podcast David Norris

Conversations To Explore What You Can Do To Live Better.

David Norris founded the podcast Memory Health Made Easy to have expansive conversations with scientists, experts and visionaries on what it takes to improve your brain health, to reduce disability when living with conditions that impact your thinking and memory skills. 

You can expect conversations to tackle one of the largest issues facing us as we get older, memory loss. You see memory decline impacts performance, experience, growth and contribution and connections- the very fibre of your life.

A show to help you apply as much passion, energy and interest for our body’s health- and apply it to your brain and memory health.


…and start living your life to the fullest!

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“Tackling the many risk factors for cognitive decline can prevent or slow your risks for memory loss AND this was shown in people who were in their 60s and 70s!”
– David Norris
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