Australian Researchers Create New Early Parkinson’s Diagnostic Tool

Australian Researchers Create New Early Parkinson’s Diagnostic Tool

Chief investigator Dinesh Kumar and his team of researchers at RMIT University have developed the first tool of its kind which is able to diagnose the early signs of Parkinson’s disease before any of the symptoms are evident. The tool is deceptively simple, only requiring paper, a pen, and a large drawing tablet.

The study recently appeared in the journal ‘Frontiers of Neurology’. Kumar and his team created custom software which recorded how 62 Parkinson’s patients person drew a spiral (half of the patients had no visible symptoms of the degenerative disease). They were able to analyse that data in real time.

Kumar and his team say that through their tool they were able to detect Parkinson’s and the severity of the disease with an accuracy of 93 percent.

Until this new tool, there has not been a lab test available for testing for Parkinson’s disease. By the time a person with this disease presents his or her symptoms to a neurologist, the nerve cells in the brain have already been suffering irreversible damage.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy Brisbane for Parkinson’s disease

A trained occupational therapist who is experienced in helping patients with Parkinson’s disease in Brisbane can make all the difference for patients and caregivers alike.

An occupational therapist will take the time to visit a Parkinson’s disease patient so that they may assess the individual, put together a treatment plan and make recommendations to improve or maintain a patient’s quality of life.

Some of the areas a Brisbane occupational therapist can help with include:

  • Home modification suggestions, information and assistive devices
  • Practical and Functional Parkinson’s disease exercises and therapies
  • Dinnerware and eating adaptions
  • Cooking and homemaking adaptions
  • Modifications to technologies used in the home (computer, TV, etc.)
  • Bathroom equipment recommendations
  • Aids for dressing and grooming

Improve your quality of life with Occupational Therapy Brisbane

Occupational Therapy Brisbane helps both caregivers and patients live better and more fulfilling lives by providing helpful recommendations and working solutions to the problems they are facing daily and in the long-term.

A senior occupational therapist from Occupational Therapy Brisbane will visit your home to assess your needs and to put together a Parkinson’s disease treatment program that will benefit you and your loved one. Contact us online or call us today at 1300 783 200.


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