15 Best Books For Memory Health Mastery

Win these 15 Best Books For Memory Health Mastery

15 Best Books For Memory Health Mastery

If there was a dollar for every time we present and someone asks, “Is there anything you’d recommend reading?”, we’d be enjoying a few more holiday’s and team dinners.

Behind this question is a reflection of where the person is at. Likely ,

  • wanting more information to make better choices,
  • wanting clarity admist all the noise,
  • wanting a reference when they get stuck,
  • wanting to take control of their memory health destiny and are starting down this path.

We’re proud to announce:

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There is no doubt a clear case to involve the right people with the right skills to help you with your specific problems but for many they want to explore and discover what fits their life, their perspective. Having a handy library of go to books maybe the right step.

So to help get you started and in the spirit of Memory Health Mastery In May we’ve put together this list of 15 Best Books For Memory Health Mastery.

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So here’s a curated list of 15 Best Books For Memory Health Mastery

Here’s a thoughtful list to get you started

  1. Dancing With Elephants by Jarem Sawatsky::

    • “Dancing with Elephants” brings the reader face to face with the reality that Life, Death, and everything in between, are sacred if we embrace them and realise that every moment we have is precious. It’s not an ordinary Mindfulness Training book. Though Jarem teaches Mindfulness with depth, clear prose, humour, and honesty, there is the ever-present reality that he is facing a chronic, terminal illness. I’ve never experienced a book that elicited both grief and inspiration as I read, to the degree that this one did. [Source Amazon]
  2. Diet For The Mind by Dr Martha Clare Morris

    • The link between diet and Alzheimers’ is now scientifically proven – and by following the MIND diet you can cut your risk of dementia by as much as 53%
  3. The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge

    • In The Brain That Changes Itself Doidge introduces us to the fascinating stories at the cutting edge of the brain science and the emerging discipline of ‘neuroplasticity’ .
  4. Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes by Dr David Perlmutter

    • New research sheds light on the influence of the human microbiome in every aspect of health, including your nervous system. In BRAIN MAKER, Dr Perlmutter explains the connection between intestinal microbes and the brain
  5. The Women’s Brain Book by Dr Sarah Mackay

    • The book delves into understanding how the brain grows and changes through the stages of life is key to health and wellbeing. A book about what happens inside the brains and bodies of women as they move through the phases of life, and the unique – and often misunderstood – effects of female biology and hormones
  6. Gratitude by Dr Oliver Sacks

    • No writer has succeeded in capturing the medical and human drama of illness as honestly and as eloquently as Oliver Sacks
  7. Second Wind by Dr Bill Thomas

    • Dr. Bill Thomas, one of the most innovative thinkers in medicine, explains that a new life phase is beginning to emerge within our society
  8. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Dr Oliver Sacks

    • In this extraordinary book, Dr. Oliver Sacks recounts the stories of patients struggling to adapt to often bizarre worlds of neurological disorder. Second Wind illuminates how to recognize and navigate the most challenging and fulfilling developmental stage of life.
  9. In Search of Memory by Eric R. Kandel

    • Charting the intellectual history of the emerging biology of mind, Eric R. Kandel illuminates how behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and molecular biology have converged into a powerful new science of mind.
  10. Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Dr Daniel Amen

    • A breakthrough bestseller that’s sold nearly a million copies worldwide, you’ll see scientific evidence that your anxiety, depression, anger, obsessiveness or impulsiveness could be related to how specific structures work in your brain.
  11. Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

    • Shawn brings a well-rounded perspective to the perennial question: how can we feel better? In investigating complex health issues such as weight loss, chronic fatigue and hormone imbalance, Shawn realised that many health problems start with one criminally overlooked aspect of our routine – sleep.
  12. The Obesity Code: Unlocking the secrets of weight loss by Dr Jason Fung

    • A controversial, highly readable and provocative book, Dr Jason Fung sets out a groundbreaking new theory: that obesity is caused by our hormones, rather than a lack of self-control.
  13. Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn

    • Full Catastrophe Living is a manual for developing your own personal meditation practice and learning how to use mindfulness to promote improved health and healing in your own life.
  14. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

    • A groundbreaking and fascinating investigation into the transformative effects of exercise on the brain
  15. Mindset: Changing The Way You Think To Fulfill Your Potential

    • World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea-the power of our mindset.

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Best of Luck

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or promote these resources as a solution to you health needs. You should consult a healthcare professional to obtain accurate advice to fulfill your health, well being and functional goals. The sweepstakes is offerded as a trade and health promotion initiative.  You can review the promotion here.

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